“Learning Is Power”

Welcome to Kalinga Bharati Public School,

Where the essence of education unfolds in every corner. Enveloped in a nurturing environment, we empower young minds with knowledge, curiosity, and creativity. “Learning is power” resonates through our halls, guiding students on a transformative journey towards a future illuminated by wisdom and understanding.


“By education, I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body mind and spirit,”
( M.k.Gandhi)

I am thankful to kbps management who provides the best academic scope to develop the inner potential and hidden talent of all kids.
A good platform is made by kbps to strong the base of education and show the talent in open field.

So my sincere gratitude to every members of kbps who are too dedicated to provide service continuously to make the future of kids.The school campus is totally
Speaking English base’
It is our motto..

We are committed to provide the best education to our kids and parents..

“ LUCY  MAHAPATRA” Principal of  KBPS

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"Learning as Your Superpower"

Kalinga Bharati: Where learning becomes your greatest superpower


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