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Young brains like yours are more inquisitive and the search for knowledge source is confusing. Right spotting of such source is a million dollar question. So. instead of being speculative about your career be affirmative about every aspect of the same.

We sincerely pledge that your search shall definitely find its goal if you just visit KBRC campus once. KBRC is a “Gurukul” developed with the ancient value system ingrained in its ambience without slightest compromise in its approach to modern learning technique, Let the sky be your limit in terms of success. We at KBRC will facilitate the process for you even to think beyond.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Mohanty

Principal, KBRHSS

Education is a human endeavour in which the preceding generation attempts to develop the succeeding generation into an abler people and to equip it with better living a life of KALIMTA TAIKATI the intellect, the character and the soul. It must also impart initiation into a life of noble aspiration and sacred values. If the function of education is to assist the evolution of man which is a movement towards perfection, people say KBRC is the right choice. If the choice of the schools and colleges is one of sympathy, service, discipline, love, culture and fellowship, again people say KBRC is an underlined institution, which stands out the rest of its kind. If the aim of education is to lift human beings above the narrow grooves of bigotry, Department of IT & crookedness, hypocrisy, fanaticism and selfishness.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Panda

+3 Principal, KBRDC

The 21st Century has witnessed knowledge explosion with inquisitive young brains aspiring for excellence in all disciplines where only sky is the limit. Dreaming big and achieving big is very much there in the young brains which the old concept of Gurukul can not satisfy. Keeping this in mind, We at KBRDC, have introduced an ultra modern concept and technique of Gurukul to keep pace with the growth of knowledge in the present day global village-globalization has made the world as small as a village.

I have the temptation to infuse the sense of modernity into the young brains and see that they come out with flying colours upholding the rich tradition and heritage of the country and find it easy to establish their identity in the world

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Kalinga Bharati Residential College is a residential institute in Pirabazzar, Cuttack, India. KBRC is an ISO 9000:2008 certified institute for quality education. KBRC is the only and is the first residential college of its kind in the whole of the state having its own spacious campus spreading over an area 10 acres. It basically modelled in the “Old Gurukula” concept with modern touch and orientation.

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